summmer in amsterdam


Something about Amsterdam makes you see life on the brighter side especially in the epic event of a warm Dutch Summer. Everyday is a new day and the beginning of anything you want it to be. This collection was specially created to capture those gezellig moments to last with you even into the chillier weather.

Living in Amsterdam gifts one determination to embrace life. Even a short stay acts as a reminder to simply pause and enjoy.

Petunia Flowers


You start your morning with a walk in Amsterdam's centre only to be stunned by the vivid overflowing bushes of Petunia lining and highlighting the beauty of the bridges. Iconic of Amsterdam's summer, these unapologetically floriferous pops of colour give you that boost you need to start your day on a happy note. 


Canal House Gables


The slim canal houses are crowned with fancy ornate gables creating the infamous postcard-like skyline of Amsterdam. Inviting little restaurants and cafes are found beneath the houses adding to the vibrant ambience of the city.


Bridge Lights


After the busy sunshine-tinted day has come to an end the lights on the bridges turn on to reveal the city in a completely different outfit of romance. Over the glistening reflections of the illuminated bridges in the canals, groups of friends float by in their boat enjoying the peaceful summer night.

Forever cherished in your heart are the simple pleasures of those Summer memories.