Bridge Lights Earcuff Single

Bridge Lights Earcuff Single


Gold-filled Earcuff wire wrapped with Freshwater Peach gold Pearls.

This Earcuff is adaptable to every ear shape since the backing of the Earcuff is a bit moldable.

Gold-filled comprises a solid layer of 14k Gold permanently bonded to a base metal, which is brass in this case. The minimum layer of gold must equal at least 1/20th the weight of the total item. It is very durable and hard wearing and under normal wear the gold will never peel or flake, unlike gold plate. It is the more economical alternative to pure gold.
After the busy sunshine-tinted day has come to an end the lights on the bridges turn on to reveal the city in a completely different outfit of romance. Over the glistening reflections of the illuminated bridges in the canals, groups of friends float by in their boat enjoying the peaceful summer night.

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