Triangluar Earrings

Triangluar Earrings


Fluorite is the gemstone that the term 'Fluorescent' was named after. It is mostly fluorescent under UV light.  It is actually also thermoluminescent, meaning, it lights up in the dark when heated. On top of all the interesting science behind this gemstone, Fluorite is quite a showstopper with it's remarkable color palette covering lustrous violets, vitreous greens and blues.

Fluorite gemstones on 925 Sterling Silver studs.

Each gemstone measures approximately 22 x 16 x 3mm.

You will receive the identical item shown online. Please note that every effort is made to photograph the piece in various lights to make you better understand the color and texture of the piece. The color may look slightly different depending on your monitor.

Please contact me with any questions you have about the piece.

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