Narrow Oval Necklace

Narrow Oval Necklace


The gemstone Larimar is rather an unrepeated one, by that what I mean is; it is only found in one square kilometre on planet Earth, in the Dominican Republic, one single volcanic event created this rare blue beauty. Even more rare is the Turtleback Larimar, it is the Larimar gemstone that is adorned with rather mystical patterns that resemble that of a turtle shell. The more intricate the pattern the more valuable the gem is.

Turtleback Larimar gemstone wire-wrapped on a 40cm 925 Sterling Silver chain.

Pendant measures approximately 34 x 20 x 5mm.

You will receive the identical item shown online. Please note that every effort is made to photograph the piece in various lights to make you better understand the color and texture of the piece. The color may look slightly different depending on your monitor.

Please contact me with any questions you have about the piece.

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