"Mocht je dit merk nog niet kennen. Analogie maakt sieraden met een verhaal die geïnspireerd zijn op natuur en reizen. De nieuwe “Summer in Amsterdam” collectie is geïnspireerd op de bekende Amsterdamse gevels en bruggen. Met onder andere zilveren trapgevel ringen en kettingven..." Read more

"Design to me is an opportunity to slow down what’s happening around us. So being on the move really exposes me to various situations and cultures that expand my pool of observations. Those are later translated into inspirations for projects..." Read more 

"It’s fascinating to me how Nahla’s creations come to life in the first place, and how they come to mirror it like they do. In my perspective, what she does with Analogie is quite similar to photography. Using his or her camera, a photographer captures a moment, freezing it in time. Nahla also captures a moment, freezing it in time, but through her jewelry. The interesting part is that in the case of a photographer, a moment is captured as is, saved on the film of a camera. But in Nahla’s case, the moment has to be transported from real life to another medium..."Read more

"My mom had this special wooden jewelry box that had the jewelry pieces she’d collected from her years of travel. As a little girl, I loved hearing about her travel stories and the context of each and every piece she owned. I grew up to collect my own jewelry pieces and learned to cherish their individual stories. I’ve always had a craving for making things, I loved how an idea in one’s head can be tangibly brought to life...." Read more