Hello there! I'm guessing you wanted to know more about the human behind Analogie!

Nice to meet you! I'm Nahla, The creator behind the scenes. As a Bachelor graduate of Product Design, I am influenced greatly by color, texture, observation, conceptualization, abstraction and giving a new perspective to things.

I have a huge passion for color and it's meaning in nature as well as in cultures. That passion lead me to observe my surroundings more deeply, igniting my inspiration. It's breathtaking what meanings lie around us, just waiting to be identified. These abundant meanings resonate well with my keen-eyed nature, one that has been acquired by my years of being a global nomad. To know more about my nomad life in-depth and how I became a cultural chameleon, check out my interview on the Culture Tourist blog.


Designing things was always what I wanted. Be it, greeting cards or personalized jewelry for my close friends. Something about bringing objects to life out of an intangible thought fascinates me! Then came a day in 2013 when the Analogie spark happened. I realized my static office job just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Analogie was my after work obsession, until the day I was able to pursue it as my full-time passion. I value individuality, hence, the ambition to create unique pieces that celebrate the diversity of personalities out there. Analogie grew from being a fascination I had to a place that integrated my life, work and soul joyfully. Analogie is my way of transferring that joy to you through jewelry pieces that hold memorable meanings whose story you can tell for generations. 

I am, and always will be, learning. So join me on my journey as I share my discoveries with you.

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