It's simple really, you mention a topic/thing you want to be made into a jewelry piece, and your wishes come true. I'm on a mission to take the fear out of sharing who you truly are to the world.

Have an idea in mind for a jewelry piece and want to discuss it with me? Do you want to get a special someone a gift to make them feel how much you know them? Love the idea of gifting your bridesmaids pieces to always remind them of your special day? Drop me a line here and I'll gladly help you find what it is you are after. 

Punk Rock

Punk Bracelet


Inspiration Photo: Steven Ankersmit

Masaai Neckalce


Inspiration Artwork: Melissa Willams


Lotus Mandala


Seawater Shades


Cantonese Opera




Molten Lava


Water Lily

Like what you have seen and want a piece made just for you? Send me some ideas, of things that have a special meaning in your life that you want made into a wearable sentiment.