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Something about Amsterdam makes you see life on the brighter side especially in the epic event of a warm Dutch Summer. This collection was specially created to capture those "gezellig" moments to last with you into the chillier weather.


view the "Summer in Amsterdam" collection here!

Step gable necklace Amsterdam silver minimal jewelry

Jewelry that has a story to be told and cherished


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Add to your outfit a little focus


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Heart Scarab Hatnefer


inspiration is infinite



Do you love to wear things that are unique to you? Do you value sentiment and are always interested in the story behind products? If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, you will feel right at home here at Analogie. I'd love to design jewelry for originals like you who value "style" over "fashion". This website is for people who are ready to proudly show what a statement personality they are.

My mission is to create memorable jewelry for you that has forever unerasable stories and stunning aesthetics. Analogie's pieces do not belong to a "here today gone tomorrow" trend, they are timeless pieces that are here to last. 

Check out the original personalities that shone through Analogie's custom jewelry.

The Making

For me making jewelry is a form of meditation, designing, knotting each gemstone and morphing inspiration into a handmade wearable that is conceptually interesting and visually exquisite radiance. For Analogie, I use a selection of natural gemstones that are carefully hand-picked due to the natural variance in their shapes and sizes. Each and every Analogie design makes a distinct statement to enliven your story, lovingly intertwined with gemstones that burst with color and texture as unique as you are.

" I love the concept behind it, will always think of the bee eater that inspired the piece."

— Katarik, Bee Eater Necklace Owner


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